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We are aimed at connecting the ordinary people with the global financial economic giants. This will give you access to benefit in the major blocks of global financial ecosystem and major community development projects across Africa.

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Our Investment Plans


We Are Always Thinking Globally

Just as positive words can make someone smile or a well-timed humorous quote can make someone laugh, or a well planned investimaent can eliminate poverty, our thoughts react to the world in real-time.

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Areas Of Engagements

Health Care Services

Benefit from our Global Multilevel Marketing and distribution of Herbal/Organic products. Producing bitter blooded and strongly immuned products in Africa.


Take a part in the global distribution of data through the VTU services.

Airtime purchases and conversion to money.

Grant/Loan Scheme

Benefit from our Agricultural/Agrobusiness Grant/Loan to take your business to a bigger scale.

Block Chain/Forex

Benefit from the massive Global Decentralized Economy through the Block Chain Technology; Mainly Crypto Currency and Foreign Exchange Market.

Entertainment/Social Media

Benefit from the huge financial distribution through Talent Hunt, Development and Star Management. Distribution of Intellectual Properties through Social Media.

Natural Resources

Benefits from the global distribution of Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas Well, Gold Mines, Diamond, Solar Energy and Electricity.

Real Estate/Property

Buy, sell and save Real Estate and Properties in a very affordable way .

And Installmental Payment System allowed.

Education/Skill Development

Donate and recommend beneficiaries in our free Skill Development and Educational Empowerment, Basic Literacy, Vocational Education, Special Education and Tertiary Education.

Sports/Games/Sports Bets

Share in the huge financial transfer through the buying and selling of players, the development and use of gaming software, Apps, Bets and Esports.

Health Workers Special Package

Receive an instant 50%+ profit in special health workers e-commerce empowerment package.

Community Development Project

Your performance will qualify you for our Community Development Project worth $20 Million (₦10 Billion).

Profitable Referrals

Get a Welcome bonus of $5 USD,after registeration.

Also earn cash tokens on every referrals.

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Frequently Asked Questions


To register on the website, you need to register via a refferer link sent to you by an existing user.


After registration you are to proceed to pay your registration fee which will give you access to all the features on the site as well as to start earning.

Referral fees are credited to your account after inviting more members..


To invest on adifgeed and have profit you must buy a package, which in return generate profit for you.


You can buy as many packages as you can afford because the more the packages the more the profits earn.


Yes of course! You can.


You can withdraw your earnings after the package is due for withdrawal by filling the withdrawal form our admin will comfirm and credit you.


Each package has a duration attached to it and your duration begins immediately after payment.


Cashback Bonus on every purchased Packages,

Interactive sessions with great Investors via social media handles,

Welcome Bonus & 5 Million Naira Grants after Registeration &

Birthday Bonus and lots more...